I Don’t Know Why Sometimes I Get Frightened

I’ve finished a second short story in as many days. This is progress, folks. This is what I’d hoped January would be like. I hope I’ll be able to keep it up.

I figured out that I have one hundred sixty eight discreet titles left to write before I run out of quite good, backlogged story ideas. A few of them are just suggestive titles that have been waiting for me to plot a story around, but most are fully fleshed out ideas that just need to be written. Some have already been started, and just need to be finished. It’s really quite incredible when you think about it. If you count up all of the unwritten chapters of the novels I plan on writing, the number is well over two hundred, which is a legitimate metric when you consider my method of frequently writing chapters as if they are individual short stories.

If you estimate that the average length of my chapters and short stories is something like ten thousand words*… well, that’s a lot of writing. Approximately 2 million words.

I’ve already passed my first million words with the fiction I’ve written and published or slotted into volumes to be published in the next few years. I know the first million are supposed to be put away and forgotten, and plenty of it has been, but some of it worked out well enough that I decided to take a chance and publish them, including the volume that readily put me over the top, TERMINAL MONDAY.

And I’m reasonably sure that, by the time I’ve completed what I’m currently counting as my backlog, I’ll probably have even more stuff to write. This is what it feels like to be a writer. It’s knowing you have things to say and do, no matter what time of say or night it is.

Anyway, that’s my revelation for the day.

I’m supposed to be cleaning at Mom’s today, but I think I’m going to stay home. I’m a little burned out, still recovering from the whole ‘being sick all of January’ thing. I think I’m going to start some laundry in a bit. I also have to finish another batch of dishes, including a couple pots I missed yesterday when I thought I’d gotten everything.

Fiction is coming. I hope to have stuff to publish in a month or two, and more to follow. 2014 is going to be very different from previous years. This year, I go for broke.


*the shortest complete fic I’ve written is about fifty five words. The longest is the Terminal Monday chapter, Under Observation, which came in at a whopping 40K. I think ten thousand is about the average length, roughly, when I’m not measuring out the length of my chapters to between three and six thousand words, which I’ve done for one or two novels so far.

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