I Feel Like An Alien… A Stranger In An Alien Place

So it’s an Stinson Community Association business day. Thought I might have had some free time, but I was incorrect. Writing emails, sending files, explaining positions, etc… Fun stuff.

Listening to perhaps my most favourite album of all time: Duke, by Genesis. It’s been thirty-three years since I first heard it, and it still commands my attention. I know some people feel it’s an overrated album, because it has hit songs on it as well as a few progressive rock tracks, and it’s not as experimental as their following two albums (ABACAB, Genesis), or as wildly popular as Invisible Touch or We Can’t Dance. I just think it’s the single most cohesive, most accessible album of their entire canon, and it happened in my biggest musical year, 1980. I’ve written about the album before, but I think perhaps it’s time I wrote a proper album review for it. I’ll do that after I get confirmation that the files are all at the printer.

Meanwhile, I should ask, did anyone read my posting of the prologue to THE UNINVITED GUEST (The Good Girl – Prologue: Friday night)? Should I post more? It’s been posted in its earliest form at Livejournal, but It’s been a decade in the making and it’s still not done. I’ve been thinking I’m going to knuckle down and write the first volume this summer. It feels like such unfinished business. I talk about the series all of the time, and yet almost no one has read it, and I really think it will be much more accessible than a lot of the other stuff I’ve been working on.

My plans to work on Passage to Bujah have been delayed because I’m trying to get over my need to make it a controversial piece of fiction by including polyamory and transgender issues. I still think the story demands it, but I know it will limit its accessibility to lots of YA readers, which is the intended audience for the trilogy. I’m having to weigh my need to express my politics and ideology in what was initially intended as light entertainment.

Dawn’s off to the gym. I should probably be rehearsing songs. Not sure I’m in a guitar mood now. Too many distractions. Might just grab a sandwich and spend a bit of time writing and waiting for emails.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day.


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