I Never Did Anything Out of the Blue

Good Morning, Mackronauts,

It’s a lovely sunny day here in Limbo, and I’m thinking it’s just about time to start working. It’s probably going to be a music day, in part because I’m expecting a possible visit from Gary, but also because I have seven or eight songs that still need to be demoed. That’s a lot of songs, if you consider how slowly the last few have been coming together. It’s been hard to make time for recording lately, because my agent and I have been pretty busy with social commitments and neighbourhood activities lately.

I’m also trying to work out a vocal melody for a song with a rather sophisticated meter. You’d almost think I’d written it myself, it’s so tricky, but in fact, it was written by a new friend of mine, who may just be an even bigger fan of Tony Banks than I am. The song she wrote is very much influenced by Tony’s work, which I love, but there are a few places in the song that keep tripping me up.

On top of all that, I’m also rewriting the lyrics to a piece of music the band and I composed over a decade ago, which I’ve been thinking needs singing. I’m about half way done with the lyrics, but again, it’s been hard to find time to work steadily, so I’ll have to see if I can get my head back into the piece and get the words to start flowing again.

Speaking of words, I actually started working on one of the unfinished short stories in The Back Roads of Limbo again, so I’m hoping to get that wrapped up soon. Sadly, not in the next few days, so that’s another deadline blown.

Finally, I’m giving some thought once more to The Art of Words, my languishing interactive graphic novel. It’s teasing the back of my brain, waiting for me to land feet first on top of it, which I can almost feel is going to happen some time in the next couple of months, perhaps after I finish the album.

So there you go. I know it looks like chaos, but really, there is a plan of sorts at work here.

Time to get back to it. Have a great day. Thanks for reading.

Your Uncle Eddie.

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