I Swear It Was The Oatmeal, Your Honour

Seem to be having one of those days where fatigue and uncomfortable warmth have been robbing me of my good senses. I woke up at a slightly silly hour, and the caffeine hasn’t made any serious attempts to correct this. Probably a sugar shortage issue.

Anyway, for anyone still reading, I’m listening to choppy progressive fusion type music by Bill Bruford, drinking more tea, and hoping to be in the mood to do some drawing shortly. Haven’t ehard from Gary yet today, so there may not be music forthcoming. Probably just as well if I’m going to be slightly off-kilter today. No point in wasting his time with my babbling.

The first Bruford album, Feels Good To Me, sounds great, though I don’t care for the vocals, when there are any. It’s not that Annette Peacock was particularly awful or anything like that. I just think the music is a lot better during the instrumental passages.

Right, I’m supposed to be drawing. Talk to you later.


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