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So I’m devising logos today. See, my buddy Rodney Brazeau decided to post a link to his new website design, and links to the Paragon Forge/LinkWorlds stuff is easily accessible through there. So now people can see what Rod has in mind, and I have other ideas that belong with them, so I’m slaving away to put my logos together. The first was kind of easy (too easy, in fact; I’ll probably wind up redoing or modifying it) and the second and third just sort of happened, but I wasn’t happy until I did the fourth, which looks really weird, but then, that’s the idea. So, having hit my stride, I went back to logo three to see if I could fix it up, and after hours of looking for a cheat method, I’m doing some classical bevelled engraving in vector form, including gradient colouring (which I assure you takes some time to match sections up). Each letter is taking me about an hour to do. The logo won’t be done tonight, because dinner is almost upon us.

I’m listening to a LOT of Pete Townshend and The Who lately. I’m thinking a lot about my concept album plan again, and aside from progressive rock, I’m also tapping the Who and, to a lesser extent, The Kinks for cues. I just have to decide on a story. I have so many stories to tell, but I want this to be a new one, like I haven’t told or even planned to tell before. It has to be something that can be told in song, and something that can be identified with easily, while still presenting a challenging narrative. I think I almost have something, based on a few things I’ve been trying to do lately.

[a little Googling later] It’s settled. I had an album title, but it was tentative, so I’m changing it. It’ll be called Neon Sculptures. It’ll be an exploration of the neon cityscapes of our youth and the brilliant, cascading cityscapes in our minds. There. A concept. Needs a narrative, but I can get there from here. Sometimes you just have to put down a flag and say ‘this is where the story starts’, and see what you get.

Okay, so I’m working on logos, as I was saying. Here’s one:
It’s the goofy one. the game/story it’s intended for is a surrealistic comedy scenario writ large. Sort of Teenagers From Outer Space meets Paranoia with Pixar tropes thrown in.

Here’s another:
It’s a demo cover for a project Rod and I discussed but haven’t moved on yet.

This is also for the same stuff:
It should have a LinkWorlds logo over it, so look at the first two images and imagine the LinkWorlds logo on this one too. I may wind up tweaking or redoing this one, as it doesn’t quite get all the way to my top floor yet.

Here are the ones I banged out and didn’t really fall in love with:
The logo on the bottom is the one that’s taking me hours to complete, because of the bevel effect. Photoshop filters do this stuff amazingly fast, but they don’t look right, and I haven’t discovered a faster, more effective way to do it in Illustrator yet. Hand-vectored bevels FTW, baby!

Anyway, that’s it for show and tell. I still have several logos to bang together, and I might just take a break from this one to go work on the others, as they should hopefully come together faster (they don’t all need to have ginchy bevels, right?).

Hope you folks are having a good week so far. I’m grooving to Thomas Dolby now. Dinner in a couple of hours. Better get back to work. Seeya.


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