I Wish That I Could Really Tell You All The Things That Happen To Me Aren’t All That I Have Seen

Day 4 of ‘Life With One Arm’. So tired of this. I know I need to be patient and let my left arm heal properly, but it feels weird and heavy and wants to work. Plus, the awkward positions I spend most of the day in are starting to give me body aches.

I’ve had to export all of my Scrivener working (writing) files to rich text files, because Scrivener won’t run on my ancient PowerBook (G4; PPC) under Ubuntu, and I can’t afford to purchase another Scrivener Key just so I can run it in Windows. I’ve got the 30 Day Trial running, and I’ve exported all of my working files (that I can find/think of from the last 4-5 years) at this point, but I’m not happy, because I genuinely hate working in MS Office/Word. It is NOT a real writing program. It’s barely an editing program. I’d rather go back to using yWriter5, except that Smashwords and Createspace both prefer conversion from RTF or Doc files. *sigh*

I’m fussing because RETURN TRIP is complete, but needs proofreading & editing prior to prepping it for publishing. I haven’t sold an Ebook since the summer, and haven’t sold a printed book since last winter. And of course, nobody has told me what they think, which leads me to conclude that the books have not been read *shrug… sigh*.

Nine Inch Nails and cold coffee fuel my ambition now. The kitten has mercifully gone away. My knee is aching. My left elbow feels strange. Anything could be happening under that bandage and half-cast. It could look like a pot roast, for all I know. It certainly feels like one. It’s heavy enough. I travel with a cushion or blanket almost everywhere I go. I haven’t left my apartment building since I got home from the hospital. I have 3 important meetings early next week, before the cast even comes off. Fun times.

It’s past 7:30 and still too dark to see what I’m typing. One handed typing requires looking at my hand and keyboard, which is frustrating, as I have been able to touch type fairly well since high school in the late 80s.

Gonna take a break now. Thanks for listening to me grumble. Have a good day.


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