I’ll Try Some Other Way

Good Morning.

I don’t know what sort of day it’s going to be, but I’m hoping things are going to be fine, as opposed to F.I.N.E., for a change.

It’s another ArtCrawl tonight. I’m hoping things will be good, and that there will be some new art to see. The last few artcrawls have been alright, but sadly, I wasn’t able to find enough time to write about the art the way I’ve been trying to over the last year. I’m hoping to have a lot more writing time in the not-too-distant future, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to review tonight’s art. My knee is grumbling, and Dawn has been relying on her cane a fair bit lately, so it’s safe to see we probably won’t be doing a lot of walking tonight, even if we do get out for a bit. I’m in my early forties. I definitely don’t care for these ‘old man complaints’ I’m experiencing. Next thing you know, I’ll have gall stones or prostate problems or something. *shrug*

The coffee is starting to take effect, but not precisely in the way I want.

The construction continues apace in the back parking lot.

I’ve had a recurring problem with a phantom odor that smells like something plastic is burning. It’s been haunting me for a couple of years now, sporadically. I’m experiencing it again this morning. *bleah* I sure hope it’s not the effects of caffeine on my brain. I can’t give up my caffeine again. I just can’t. *sob*

Listening to the last album Journey recorded with Steve Perry (Trial By Fire, 1996), and coming to the conclusion that it’s a much, much better last album than Raised on Radio was, so that’s good. Still haven’t listened to the albums with Steve Augeri or Arnel Pineda, but I’m going to get to them some time today, I think.

Time to get dressed and start the day. Thanks for reading. Have a good day.


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