I’m a Rounder… Like to Round Around

Listening to The Black Crowes after years of, well, not. Got lots of drawing to do. That dragon and those armoured soldiers aren’t going to draw themselves, no matter how hard I wish them to. Also thinking about doing an acoustic hand drum track for the acoustic version of Here It Comes Again. Might do that first, just to get it out of the way. Gonna have to listen to the track a few times, old and new, to get the original drum patterns in my head. Wish I didn’t balk at reprogramming it so much. I should really knuckle down and finish programming it, but it’s like having an appendix taken out without anaesthetic, it’s so frustrating. If I knew someone who did drum programming, I’d ask them to do it for me, but sadly, that’s always been my job in this band. Derrick never took to drum programming. Shit ain’t right when your drummer won’t do the drum programming for you.

Anyway, enough rambling. I think the double dose of caffeine is kicking in. Better go use it before I get the jitters and collapse.

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