I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack… I’m Back In The Saddle Again!

Okay, it’s been a dead week because the site was down, but we are back and have ignition. Time to get this show on the road.

I recently decided I need to get back into making music, because I have four projects on the go, and this being March, I’ve already lost two months of composing and recording time. Also, while not many folks bought them, a few did indeed buy the music, so I’m hoping that will translate to money for the band, especially since I plan on keeping the solo and Etcetera Thesis stuff under wraps until it’s time to promote and release.

So basically, that means all you people who heard the endless reiterations and remixes of the previous two albums and decided not to buy because you’d already heard it all before, well, guess what? You’ll have ot buy this time.

As for those of you who decided to skip buying simply because you didn’t like the sound or the multitudinous errors, well, I’ve got a surprise for you: I’m gonna take my time and make sure these tracks are tight. Drum tight. If I have to sequence and/or edit these tracks to within an inch of their lives, they’re going to be flawless. Then I’m going to try to convince my good friend David Guild to help me engineer them and produce them the way the previous two albums should have been produced. He may not agree, but I have my hopes of winning him over eventually. I liked producing and engineering the previous two albums, but there are things I couldn’t fix, which I suspect David would have been able to fix quite easily if I’d given him the chance. So I’ll wait until he’s ready to help before releasing the tracks, even if that means waiting until next year. I can do all the other stuff until then, but I won’t release the albums until he says they’re ready.

As such, I’ve set no hard deadlines this time. I find working to a deadline helps me stay focused, but I can always set short deadlines for specific tracks and manage myself that way. Hopefully not having a great bloody guillotine overhead won’t dilute the sense of urgency I like to inject these things with. Not having a proper recording/performing band (at present) to record with forces you to get a bit creative with manufacturing that driving tone that rock and roll generally needs to have… unless you’re Tom Petty, in which case, you can just get to the point and roll another joint and turn out whatever the heck you like.

Anyway, I still have novels and short stories to write, but I’m starting to feel like I need to start divvying up my time a bit better, because the stories haven’t been happening as much, thanks to the weather and the financials and the errand running. I plan to get Gary and Derrick back into harness for a concept album (possibly a double album; go big or go home), and I plan on organizing what will probably be a two album set of ‘solo’ tunes as well, though I haven’t decided once and for all which banner they’re going to be under. I was thinking The People’s Republic of Limbo, but my wife said that joke is overdone, and thinks I should just release it under my own name. I think I have a good author’s name, but I’ve never thought my name was particularly rock n roll. That’s probably why I gave myself a stage name oh so long ago.

So, a lot of this music probably won’t get released until the end of the year, if not next year, because I am determined to convince folks the first two albums were merely rushed, rather than plain crap, which seems to be the general consensus.

So that’s that. Technically, that’s about five or six albums’ worth of music (the Surreyal and Photo:Synthesis projects are both in conjunction with Kristine and her collaborators), all to be written and recorded in 2013. Niagara Falls or Bust!

But you’ll still have to wait to hear it all. I won’t be taken in by those pretty eyes of yours again. Forget it. This time, you pay or you go without.


As always, thank you for reading. Hope your weekend is a fine one.


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