I’m From The Future

No wait, I’ve got that wrong. I’m late, so I need to get ready and go. What that has to do with time travel, I have no idea. I’m also tired and groggy. I slept in until 7:22, and it’s taken me this long to get coherent. I haven’t even finished my coffee. *blarg*

More plans to work on my Booyah project when I get home. It’s gonna be huge! And new! Totally new! I want to talk about it, but I’m learning that talking about new projects before their hatched kills the excitement, for me and especially for you. Makes blogging kind of redundant, yeah?

I’m sure there’s something else I wanted to talk about, but my brain is refusing to divulge its whereabouts. I’m gonna go conduct a search. You folks have a good day.


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