I’m Standing Here With My Arms A Mile Wide

Good Morning, Children of Disenfranchisement,

Today, I have to meet with a few people to discuss the future of Participatory Budgeting in Ward 2, and my place in it. We also have to rush Dawn’s library book to the university to drop it off, as it’s due today. Beyond that, I was hoping to get some writing done for a change, but it turns out that the construction boys are getting in some overtime on the weekend. I have half a mind to take the laptop downtown and hide out at the library, in part to get work done, but also so I can get rid of this low grade headache that’s rolling in.

I’m thinking of writing a few album reviews. It’s been quite a while, and while no one is specifically asking for one, it seems to me that the record reviews are one of the more popular features of this website. I might do a review of the most recent (2011) Journey album, Eclipse, just because I’ve been listening to a metric butt-load of Journey recently, and I may also review the very latest Anthony Phillips album, City of Dreams. Then I think I’m going to write a review of a few classic Genesis albums, because those reviews I’ve already done have been getting fairly steady traffic. It might be time to write the entire discography, which would be a new challenge for me. Maybe I’ll even take a lame stab at rating them, because some folks just love reviews that have ratings. Or maybe I won’t. I haven’t decided yet.

Fiction seems to be eluding me lately, so I’m going to just let it stew for a bit longer, until I get my head out of the sewer drain that is my life right now, and hopefully bring a better frame of mind to my writing in the near future. I’m hoping to get back into action for NaNoWriMo, even though I haven’t yet committed to actually doing NaNo this year. November is just a good month for me to write Richard Burley novels in, and I’ve got one on the go from last November, plus one in the planning stages that should be quite a challenge to write, because it’s already got this fairly complex structure that limits me greatly and demands a lot of me at the same time.

Alright, I think that’s enough. Headache still hasn’t faded, but I thank you for reading, nonetheless.


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