InDifferentSpaces – Art Exhibition – the Press Release

In different spaces, we see our world through different eyes.
Indifference paces past when we insist on standing still.
In different eyes, we see space through different worlds.
Indifferent eyes see spaces through our world,
but fail to see the worlds around us.

These artists work in different mediums, in different styles, with different sensibilities. What they share (besides a home) is a love of escapism,
and of finding personal meaning through that escape. Both create very personal, and yet broad and expansive works, each artist seeking to communicate universal themes using shape, texture, and a vivid rainbow of colour.

InDifferentSpaces Exhibition

The InDifferentSpaces exhibition is a group showing of The Chimaera Group, an emerging arts collective consisting of Dawn M. ‘DSKI’ McIlmoyle, her husband, Lee Edward McIlmoyle, and their friend and partner, Dawn McKechnie, as well as other emerging associate artists. More shows, featuring collaborations and solo works from all three artists (and their associates) will be featured in the near future, at other venues. This is just the first salvo.

The exhibition runs from October 1st to 31st on the fourth floor of the Hamilton Public Library (Central Branch). Please feel free to leave comments or critiques. And if you catch one of us in the library in October, ask us for a guided tour of the works, and perhaps even a discount on some of the pieces for sale.

Many Thanks to Paul Lisson of the Hamilton Public Library for aiding and co-curating this exhibition, and also to Suzanne Brown of the City of Hamilton, and to David Brace of B Contemporary Gallery and Framing, for their timely and considerable contributions to this show. Also, a nod of thanks to José Loney, and to Tracee Lee Holloway for their inestimable networking skills.


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