Inner Resolve

This is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces I have ever created, and I still own it. The prints, tee shirts and stuff are just a nice way for me to commemorate this piece, which I’ve had for more than half of my life. I AM, however, prepared to part with it now. What I’m asking is a measly $300.00 CAD. I say measly because, to my way of thinking, which involves what work like this is going for in galleries, I should be charging closer to a grand.

PayPal preferred. Shipping and handling costs and any mounting or special packaging must be added to the total cost. I simply don’t have the funds right now to eat the expenses.

Thank you for reading. Pimp me out to your friends if you can’t buy it yourself. And remember, those prints and such are going to be around a long time, but this is an original, unrepeatable piece of work. I will never offer it at this price again.


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