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I haven’t really had much to say for myself over the last couple of days. I feel as if I’ve been muzzled, like things I say or agree with are no longer acceptable. It’s just me overreacting to other people over reacting, I know, but still, some of it hits a little too close to home, and makes me think I should pack it in and go back to… whatever the hell it was I did before I accepted the internet as my personal saviour.

I’ve been having fun replaying The Longest Journey, which is nice because I wasn’t able to get my old install running properly. Fortunately, has been revamping these old titles to run on new machines, and now the only quibble I have is that I wish I had more time to replay these old games I loved so much.

Story writing is happening. Slowly.

Art is happening very, very slowly.

Music is happening pretty slowly, too.

Time I finished my coffee, got socks on and headed to Mom’s to help clean up.

Thank you for reading.


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