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Good Morning, Mackronauts,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

For myself, I’m a little concerned that my bank is playing silly buggers with my account and costing me money in the process. If I weren’t so deep into overdraft protection at the moment, I’d close the account and tell them to take a flying leap. I never wanted to be so far into overdraft. This is just the last vestiges of the whole debt cycle that started when my wife and I got involved in doing graphic design for Grand River Enterprises a handful of years ago. I’m not saying it’s their fault. I made the decisions that got me where I am now, which is a bit of nowhere. But their habit of leaving me high and dry for payments for weeks and even months helped greatly to force us to make those decisions that drove us to dig the hole deeper and deeper. It’s a mistake I will never make again. Living like this has made me just a bit of a basket case.

Moving on.

I’m listening to the entire studio album discography of Muse. It could take a while. They recorded quite a few songs on that half dozen albums or whatever it is. Interesting stuff. Also interesting to me is how this power trio has maintained a certain style and flavour throughout their career without rehashing too badly. They’ve managed to mine a pretty rich vein of possibilities in this format, which is highly impressive and commendable to me.

In other news, I have started the drawing of the first Tarot watercolour painting, which is the first step before I paint the final version on canvas in acrylics.

All that said, I think I’m going to spend some more time trying to finish The Back Roads of Limbo. The truth is, I’m stuck for three endings. I know how the other two unfinished stories go, pretty much, but the one I’m working on at the moment is a mystery, and it needs to have a satisfying ending, which is eluding me. The entire process of writing a mystery is giving me trouble. I also haven’t worked out how to get some of the crucial weirdness factor that the series is supposed to have in it. It’s got the sexiness and the witty repartee, and it’s a nice holiday dinner setting, which I think worked out nicely. But the actual mystery is just out of my reach. I haven’t figured out the twist yet. I’m hoping today will be the day, so I can move on and finish those other two pieces, which mutinied and refused to let me finish them until I completed this one.

Stories are bastards. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Stories are not your friends. They want your life’s blood, and they will get it.

I’m also working on new 12-string guitar ideas, some of which I have recorded in rough form on the ‘dictaphone’ (it’s not really a dictaphone; it’s a digital mp3 player with a record feature, which is the only thing I use it for; I just like calling it a dictaphone, because I used to own and use one frequently back in the 90s). Sadly, I missed the chance to record last night’s session, which was much better than yesterday afternoon’s session; it’s important to make sure your digital devices are charged. I can’t even check to see if yesterday afternoon’s recordings worked, because my computer is misbehaving a bit today.

I need to start composing them into songs (soon), but I’m not quite ready yet. The ideas themselves are sounding pretty good, though. I’m just hoping they’re not too repetitive. My twelve string techniques aren’t that advanced, and the chords and shapes I’m using aren’t too tricky, because frankly, Gary’s Washburn 12-string is a little too big for my hands. It’s like trying to fret a baseball bat. And I don’t mean the skinny ends, either.

Finally, here are the player stats for The Whole Other Half on Bandcamp so far:

Here’s the way the ‘Buzz’ has worked out since releasing the album:

I’d share the sales chart, but frankly, it’s embarrassingly dismal by comparison. You could have an accident with farm equipment or an industrial sausage press and still have enough fingers to count my sales thus far.

Time to get to work. I still feel crummy and tired, and my muscles are aching, so it’s going to be meds first, including some yummy Naproxen, but hey, whatever it takes, right? Who gives a damn, so long as I keep making fun stuff for people to ignore, am I right or am I right?

Thanks for reading.

Uncle Eddie.

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