Intervals and Interlude: Art Day 001

001 materials
So I started painting today. I plan to do many more piantings, but today was just a ‘dip your toes in’ day to get back into the feel of covering surfaces with paint and getting a feel for fast composition again.
002 start edges
The pieces are abstract expression, and raw; really raw. I didn’t really visualize everything I was doing so much as felt my way to some vague forms I’ve been trying to capture for a while. I feel like I made some progress, and look forward to picking up some more canvases next month and doing the next stage better.
003 jump WAY ahead - 3 near finished
Still got four big canvases, one of which I’m contemplating doing a large abstract riffing off the leftover marks the smaller canvases made on it. that was deliberate, though I wasn’t sure what I’d get to work with, so we’ll see what happens.
Coin_sml Sword_sml Staff_smlCup_sml It’s going to take some time to dry these canvases, and I’m pretty sure that three out of the four aren’t finished yet, but the moment is passed, so I’ve elected to leave them for now, and work any other ideas into the next iterations.

So there you have it; back to work, and back to making abstract paintings after a 20 year hiatus. I plan to apply a coat or two of gloss medium over them at some point, when I can get my hands on some, and try to get a smooth, glassy effect without varnishing and buffing. Then I’ll sell them, even though they’re kind of preliminary. I’ll just sell them relatively cheap. Any offers? 😉

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