Introducing My Musical Partner, Gary Falkins

Gary started a blog here some time ago, but of course he never updates, because he’d rather dick around on Facebook. He posted a track or two over there, as I recall, but he just kind of left it at that and said no more.

Then I’m scanning the internet to see if I can start a new all-encompassing blogsite under my own name, and come across this:

At first I thought, alright, who’s been stealing our tracks and passing them off as theirs. then I read the band description and realized it was Gary.

Anyway, I read the song list, but couldn’t play any of the tracks because I guess that site’s functionality isn’t all there. However, I COULD download tracks. I have most of Gary’s solo stuff on my hard drive already, but there was one recording I’d forgotten:

Now this was recorded at Karaoke one night, by burning a disk directly though the sound board equipment. I’m pretty sure I never recorded any material this way. However, Gary had been working to master this very operatic track (from Phantom of the Opera, one of his ex-fiancée’s favourites), and bravely took a swing at it. And now you kind folks get to reap the rewards. 🙂

Sine we’re here, I might as well play you a couple of his demos, one of an unfinished tune he never (to the best of my knowledge) bothered to copy the lyrics down for, and the other a piece of music we’ve been planning on putting on a new album for the last while. The unfinished number (‘I Can See Why’, which I titled for him, since he hadn’t done so yet) was written and recorded entirely by Gary, and the latter (originally titles The Downside, but these called The Dark Age) was first composed by Gary, who then asked me to write the lyrics (which I sang a melody for as we worked it out) as an ode to the survivors of 9/11. Then he and his ex-fiancée rewrote and finished up the lyrics behind my back, and I’ve been bitter and defeated ever since.

But at least you folks can enjoy the music. Here. See if I care. Go on. Turn him into a superstar! Leave me in the dirt! With the worms and the grubs and shit! I don’t care! I really don’t!

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