Invisible Airwaves Crackle With Life

Okay, I’m growing quite tired of this problem I’m having with my computer’s D data drive dropping out periodically. It makes me nervous, because there is no way I can back up a 2TB drive right now. Even if I made space on the only other drive in the house big enough to house that much data (which I wouldn’t do),it would take several hours to transfer all of the most important data. Lots of home made graphic design files and lots of home made music files, in particular. Might be time to invest in another MyBook… except that those things are spendy, and I’m saving for Dawn’s computer upgrade. When she’s upgraded, then I’ll be importing a crapload of data from our old data server (currently offline for repair) and turning Dawn’s current computer into our new data server.

In other news… well, it’s not really news. Still nobody buying my books, including the new one, which has some nice stuff in it. PLEASE can I just do a little more self-promo? Pretty please?

Waiting for the sun to come up and the stores to open, so I can go buy my cats some kibble.Lucky is losing his wee mind, though he’s purring and perching on the back of my chair. I think the high altitude is going to his head.

Gotta take down the decorations today. Won’t be able to get much work done until then. I think I’ll miss them. It’s been nice having the tree up. Despite my nominal status as an atheist, I rather like Christmas trees.

Okay, so the start-up repair is a success. Time to have breakfast and get some work done while I wait for the grocery store to ope. We need milk and cat food, not necessarily in that order (right, Lucky?).

Perhaps more later…


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