IS Tee Shirt

Well, I did one tee shirt based on Dawn’s idea, which is cool, and probably what most people will buy, if at all. However, I thought to myself (whilst trying to work on a piece of art for a client), ‘What about Interactive Storytelling?’ I can’t very well do an exhaustive list of IS titles, because really, in my opinion, it’s too short a list. I could have gone on endlessly naming clasic games for the Gamer shirt, but IS is harder, because even the coolest stories in video games are very often secondary to the gameplay. A handful of the titles listed on the Gamer shirt are games I consider to be great forerunners to true IS-as-medium. But not enough for a teeshirt. Maybe someone will prove me wrong, and I’ll make a tee shirt from their list. That would be cool, too.

Anway, here’s the IS shirt. Enjoy.

Interactive Storytelling


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