Is This A Problem?

STILL listening to The Beat. Still rocking in two tone time, mon.

So I’m still drawing the buildings:
StinZine 002 08-09J sml

As you can see, still got a ways to go. I had to redraw a number of houses that I had made too small for my map. There are also a few buildings I’m trying to ‘correct’ with limited results. I may be tweaking a couple of those again shortly.

I also got a bit of hand lettering done yesterday:
SCA Info graphic

Songs From The Bishop Graphic

The first was a suggestion from my wife to the Stinzine team, to do an Information symbol to direct people to the SCA website for more information.
The second is a logo I designed to rebrand Adam Bentley’s Songs From the Bishop musical event series in Bishops Park, Stinson neighbourhood (East and Hunter).
I still have to vector these images and straighten them up, but they look pretty good as they are, so I figured I’d show off a bit more.

Time to get back to work. I have to leave in a bit to finish the community garden and I also have to get the kitchen clean somehow. should e fun. I’m still not fully recovered from Saturday in Shamrock Park. I even have the sunburn to show for it. Not much left to do, though, so long as the wood didn’t get stolen overnight. Dawn and I stopped by the park to investigate and found that Warren hadn’t finished the drilling and rebar spiking of the plots. Very disappointing. I may even scowl at him today, if he shows up.

Time to get the coffee made and get Dawn ready for work. Thanks for reading.


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