It Takes Up All My Time

Okay, the Stinzine is done and dusted and off to the printer. Time for me to address the issue of my delinquent PBW2 proposals.

One teaser for today (share it around, please):
StinZine 002 promo teaser 4

The StinZine should be ready for distribution by this coming weekend (May 31st), if not early next week. The (full-colour and/or expanded article) content should also be posted online in a week or so.

NOTE: The StinZine Team are looking for a skilled Web Guru to join our team. We need someone to make this content interactive. For now, it’ll probably just be a viewable/downloadable PDF, but I think we want to set up a page for each issue that allows folks to scroll–or preferably click through–the pages (or parts of the pages at a time).

Time to get back to the PB proposals. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.


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