It’s Coming, It’s Coming

The long-overdue follow-up to last Wednesday’s ‘Why We Don’t Like Them’ gaming article is on the way. I just got caught up with a chart thingy, which I can only do on the Mac laptop, because Windows doesn’t have OmniOutliner, and I don’t like anything I’ve seen for Windows that does the same thing.

You don’t believe me, do you? I can tell by taht look on your face. Well, here, I’ll prove it:


There, you can see for yourself (you will have to make clicky, first). I am working. I’ll have that table finished and put in place in a little bit. I just haven’t had enough free time to finish it in days.

So yeah, it’s coming. and not only that, but I’ve also started my first official LimboInteractive Game Review; I’ve decided to review Portal 2. That oughtta hold ya.



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