It’s Good To Be King (lyric)

It’s Good To Be King
2017 10 26 1:29PM


Draw the card from the trebled deck
And claim your prize
You don’t have to get old to get wise.

You’ve pulled down the Autumn Moon
From the leaden skies
Your thin smile is a pale disguise.

A moonbeam pierces the clouds, her face cloaked in stars
Bedecked in ribbons of crimson scars.
The rusty leaves on the ground proclaim summer’s end
Will we ever embrace again, my friend?

It’s good to be king
Because you are the cat
Who knows where his shit’s at.
And as king
You never need to look out
Because everyone else is holding out their hat.


Your own name stands for avarice
The pandemic of our age
We all serve at your feet in mute rage.

You call for the jesters
The fools take to the stage
As the audience applauds from their cage.

Ochre stains your porcelain mask
You don your wispy crown
Your subjects’ corpses line the ground
Your palace built of pride and glitz
Will one day fall down
But I swear you won’t be caught hanging around.

It’s good to be king
You call all the shots
And piss in everyone’s pot
And as king
You stand high up on the pile
Of all the bullshit that we foolishly bought.

‘Cuz it’s the only shit left that we’ve got
Right now some coke would really hit the spot
As the whole damned world’s begun to rot
And we’re up to our necks in the lot!


The Face of Luna has waxed and waned
But you waltz on past
The poor woman’s heart of glass.

You stand bare before the world
And you shake your ass
But we still need to believe you’vre got class.

It’s good to be king
As the flesh of your palms
Caress the land like the underaged model’s smooth silky thighs.
And as king
You never have to look up
Because no one you know can touch these incredible out of body highs.

As you’re head floats around in the indigo sky
Over walls and big guns, crushed hearts and small fries
And the press still can’t seem to figure out why
You laugh cuz you know the truth’s in your child’s eyes
Cuz you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know…


The crowns bow down before you
And you laugh out loud
You’ve worked hard for this moment, so be proud.

And on the day of the reckoning
Comes complete surprise
The oaths of our hero are all lies.

It’s good to be king.
It’s good to be king.
It’s good to be king!
It’s goooooooooooooooood!


© 2017 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
for Philosophical Clown Tales (Publishing Ltd.)
from the upcoming album, “Good To Be King”

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