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Hey Up, Macketeers!

I have plans to rerecord one of my classic numbers, which has been needing to be rerecorded for an extremely long time. Should be interesting, as it took me weeks to record the first time, and the only thing I’ve done so far is programmed the drum kit for it. In fact, I’m not entirely convinced I shouldn’t be using one of the kits I programmed for a different song entirely. I wonder if I can import kits. Never figured that one out.

My buddy Rod suggested I talk about our old gaming project, Link: Cutthroat, and in particular, the LinkWorld Phoenicians. It’s an interesting subject I haven’t really delved into too much, largely because I’ve never found the time to sit down and research the Phoenicians in exhaustive detail. I staged it all in a LinkWorld called Oceanea. Yes, the entire planet is called Oceanea; not terribly original, I know, but I wanted it to be an alternate Earth after a huge, world-changing flood, which occurred during the era of the Arabian Nights tales and Sinbad and such. In fact, some of the mythology I conjure up is directly inspired by my admittedly flimsy knowledge and understanding of those stories.

The main gist of the game was that we would have a world ruled by sea trade and piracy, because manufacturing and farming are much rarer commodities, due tot he smaller land masses left after the flood. however, the crops that still do exist are essentially super crops, because the added water, along with stuff that washed in with it, is actually imbued with supernatural properties, owing to the fact that it was accidentally shunted in from another world in another reality, where the rules are slightly different. I posit that, when odd elements from alternate realities cross over, their original properties are somewhat altered, but they nevertheless retain some unusual properties that set them apart from the native elements they are substituting.

The full extent of the properties of the alien water was not hashed out in full, but it was definitely going to help foster hyper growth in flora and fauna, and possibly even mutate races who live too close to sources of the water. Basically, it was an excuse to remake the world into that fantastical place that seafarers used to think the world was before we mapped the globe and disproved all of the seafaring mythology of the old world.

I still plan on writing stories for this world, and in fact have a whole section of the next LinkTales volume planned with stories from Oceanea. I’ve also invited Rodney to write stories for that volume, though he hasn’t taken me up on it yet.

Time for me to get to work. Thanks for reading. Have a great day, and remember, if you’ve  been having headaches for over two decades and are experiencing memory loss, fatigue and other unusual physical traits, you really should get an MRI done (, GARY!).

Uncle Eddie.

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