I’ve Been Thinking For Some Time Now

I’m making sausage on a bagel for breakfast for my wife and I.

I still need to grab a shower and get changed into something presentable. At least I’ve shaved. Clean the tooth bones after fudz.

Today is the big day. The PB Staff meeting is at Volunteer Hamilton. Starts at 1:00. I’m not at all sure how it will go. We really should have had it weeks ago, when I first scheduled it. *sigh*

I have to go clean at Mom’s afterward.

The cats are a little obnoxious this morning.

My wife needs cheering up today.

Julian Lennon feels about right for the occasion.

No writing today, I suspect. Hopefully lots of writing throughout the coming week.

Update on the meeting to come tonight or tomorrow. This could be it. Wish me luck.

Time to get the sausage. Thanks for reading.


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