I’ve Got Dozens of Friends and the Fun Never Ends (That is As Long As I’m Buying)

Hi, Gang,

Just wanted to post to tell folks that the album, though not a polished jewel of production perfection, is more or less complete. There are two tracks I’d like to rerecord properly (I sang scratch vocals over the instrumental demos, and I may get to those over the next couple of days, if all goes to plan), but they sound pretty good to my tired ears. There’s also one track that needs extra instrumentation, which I’ve been holding off on because I want the performances to be really crisp and sharp, but I’m probably going to have to settle for my muddled attempts to imitate real instruments on keyboard, which my agent doesn’t much care for.

Tonight, I’m going to go play the album for a good friend of mine, who happens to be a producer/musician. It’s the first time I’ll be playing it for one of my really good musician friends. We’ll see what he has to say. He may be gentle. He may not. I know where the faults lie with this one, but I lack the technical ability to make it better unless I take months to slowly polish each track, a process I’ve already begun, to some extent, but really, I’m tired of doing all of the heavy lifting on my own, so I’m gonna use the release date as a sort of enforced vacation, even if I do decide to bump it back a month or two. That decision will probably be made tonight, based on what my friend says.

I’m also involved with the Stinson Community Association and the Stinson Neighbourhood Action Plan committee, on a small team designated with the task of overseeing the renovations to our neighbourhood’s largish municipal park, Carter Park, on Stinson and West. This will include a large scale mural, which I am resolutely not going to bid a design for unless somebody gives me the right incentive.

Today was the Stinson Neighbourhood Yard Sale, which lead to over a dozen separate yard sales being somewhat haphazardly coordinated for the same day, despite threat of rain, which never quite materialized. I spent most of my time keeping our new friend Natasha company while Dawn and Yvette patrolled the neighbourhood for potholes and good deals on SIGG bottles and such.

I think it’s taco’s for dinner tonight, which we should be having a little earlier than usual, so I can go do the music night thing. Trying to decide what other music to take along. I haven’t had much opportunity to buy new music in the last while, with finances being what they are. I have a couple of CDs I copied from a friend, but other than that, I’m a bit behind in my collection, which is part of the reason I haven’t posted very many album reviews recently. Borrowing too many albums to review them is putting a serious dent in my ability to do show and tell, but until I find an alternate source of income, this is how it is.

Anyway, I think that’s enough for a post. Now I just have to go borrow a cup of internet and check my mail. I should have internet again by the 11th, if all goes according to plan. Thanks for hanging in there with us, folks. And thank you to the anonymous internet donors for leaving their wireless open. We’re considering extending the same courtesy.


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