Jim, Tom, Gary and Me

Good Morning, Macketeers! Let’s all have our Macketeer Cheer! FEED YOUR SPAMBOTS! Woo!

Okay, so, I’ve got some bad news and some good news to share today:

The bad news is, Dr. Jim Marshall, OBE, the man who made Rock & Roll really loud, has passed away at the age of 88. This saddens me even though I’m not a Marshall stack kind of guy. I’d rather mike a Fender Twin or a Vox AC30, and I think I want to invest in Hughes & Kettner for my bass rig, (currently using my Peavy keyboard amp). But Marshall did it first, and he made the whole thing happen, so hats off to the man.

The good news is, Tom Orzechowski, a friend and personal hero of mine, has been nominated for an Eisner award for lettering, which I think is well and truly deserved. I truly hope he wins it.

The bad news is (yes, there’s more), my song writing partner, Gary Falkins, hasn’t called all week, which usually means he is either too sick or too busy to come work with me for our designated Thursday afternoon home studio session. This is disappointing, as I was hoping to get caught up with him after last week’s shut-out (he had to work both Thursday and Friday afternoon, thus scotching our plans).

The good news is, I plan on rerecording Show Me Something, another hoary old classic today, which should cheer him up when he hears it. It’s a fun track, and the performance was so spontaneous and free, but the recording itself is highly flawed, so it’s time for an update. This version will become part of the Love’s Labours Lost & Found Suite, which means I may have to hack off the flabby bits at either end, but I haven’t committed to it yet, so we’ll see.

Other than that, it’s coming up on the Easter holiday weekend, so lots of folks are going to be home or with their families, which means there should be some people online now and then, which means I need to be entertaining. here’s hoping I come up with a few things worth reading. đŸ™‚

Time to get to work. Seeya.


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