Just Then You Smile For No Special Reason, Looks Like Your Smile’s Come Back Into Season

It’s a rough morning so far. Nothing bad is happening, but nothing good is coming to me, and I’m a little manic, so need something to focus on. So I’m playing The Beat and trying to get enough energy going that something comes to me out of desperation. Might be art, might be writing, might be comics, I don’t know. Lots, and I mean LOTS of work to do on various projects, but I have to wait for feedback on most of them. I need meetings, even though I really don’t want meetings. I have three of them scheduled for later today. I’m hoping to do creative stuff until then.

Have I mentioned that I’m kind of stuck in 1980? Not totally stuck, but my head keeps going back there like iron filings to a magnet.

Dawn and I have hatched an artsy project for this coming weekend’s Gallery Alley art market, if we can. It’s ultra super sekrit though, so no sharing it with you yet, I’m afraid.

Today is the seventh anniversary of Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard wright’s passing. I’m still in the ‘No Floyd without Rick’ camp. That said, I really liked the recent album. I wish he could have been around to hear it. I also wish my buddy Simon could have lived to hear it. Don’t know if it would have touched him the way it did me, but it would be nice to see Simon again.

Playing The Division Bell now. Still a high point album for me.

Still got about twenty-odd stories to complete for Customs and Road Songs of Limbo (look it up). If you want an idea of what style the book will be in, it’ll be short stories and novelettes and novellas collected into one bumper volume.

Almost time to get Dawn up. Maybe my inspiration will come to me after she’s been up for a bit. Dawn’s not exactly my muse, but she does have a way of getting me started.

So much to do. What next?


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