Keep On Going (Vocal Demo)

Just the vocal melody for a song I’m planning on composing/performing and recording for Project Download (This has now been demoed with keys and a drum track, and is being worked up into a full arrangement ~ Lee, 2010 10 23). I’m posting this for my friends to hear, so they know I’m working on something.

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2 Responses to “Keep On Going (Vocal Demo)

  • RE; the comment you left on my Vox,wow, i havent been on here in a long while. i have a domain, as well as a livejournal that i use; i had signed up on here during beta so XD lol. thanks for your comment.speaking of hamilton, enjoying our snow storm? i live up on the east mountain and just went to go get tim hortons. what should have taken ten minutes, took an hour. but then again, i did stop to help two people dig their cars out. lol.

  • I'm hiding indoors. My wife and I showed our cat the snow, and he decided he was having none of it. I was supposed to head up to my Mom's back around Rymal and Upper Gage, as my wife was planning on helping with the decorations, and my sister wanted help setting up her photography studio equipment, but I think we'll be putting that off for a few days.As for posting here, I try to get in about once a month on average to post something about the state of my music and my ersatz band. Not much on the band front, but I'm starting to record solo music again, so the Vox page will probably see more posts in the next little while.And I've been promising to set up a WordPress blog for a little bit, but haven't quite committed myself to it yet. So most of my posting is done in LiveJournal (both my personal journal and my writing journal), and my graphic design website is still waiting for me to set up a news blog there.

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