Late Update

I've been putting off updating because there hasn't been any real music or band news to tell in the last month. I've finally started poking at the songs again, very timidly. I just finished writing a novel, so diving into more typing isn't quite what I'm in the mood for. However, I've reprinted off my old notes from last year and they now live on my desk like a baleful ghost, so presumably things will start happening.

In band news, the boys and I went out singing last night at a bar and managed to both drink and sing more than perhaps we ought to have, but it impressed the owner, who seemed interested in having us back to play sometime. Intriguing notion. Now if only we could get our act together, we might be able to justify going and playing live. We need to finish the new songs and then find some way to get in rehearsal time.

I don't know what I could possibly be thinking about. But anyway…

I've got shiny new recording equipment, a nifty hand drum, several guitars and a load of songs that need to be rehearsed and recorded. You'd think I'd be all over that, but I'm still in fiction writing mode, because there are massive edits and rewrites to do on the novel before I can try hocking it around. It's making it a little hard to focus on music right now.

Ah well, I should go read the edits Dawn made to the last half dozen chapters. If I can't relax, I might as well be productive. But first, I think I need a drink. I'm too wound up to read right now.

Happy Easter, one and all. Yes, you pagan folk, too. I know you're celebrating fertility rights even as we speak, you naughty monkeys. Do it one time for me.


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