Lately We’ve Been Getting More Roll Than Rock

I think today is going to be a day of lasts. Last day setting up meetings. Last day of graphic design on the event flyer. Last day of being broke. Last day of being tired of certain people and their petty dramas.

Well, at least, that’s the hope. Because honestly, some miserable things have been dragging on interminably for weeks, and I’m tired of feeling tired and depressed all of the time. Even my mini-manic episodes are crushingly downbeat. It’s hard to be a fun, laid-back guy when every day makes you wish you could sleep the day away. To dream the impossible dream, that.

I got up around 8:00 for a change of pace, but yesterday I was awake at 3:30ish, which is more common for me these days. 5ish is my average most mornings. I usually enjoy it, but lately, it’s been a slow, agonizing grind until Dawn gets up to keep me company.

I wrote another scene to ‘The God of Squirrels, Take 1’, yesterday, for a different book, called CUSTOMS AND ROAD SONGS OF LIMBO, a collection of 31 short stories about sex and death and music and squirrels. It’s kind of the spiritual sequel to THE BACK ROADS OF LIMBO, and yet, it’s different. It features short stories, but it also has a few essays and observations thrown in, which makes it a little closer to what I write in my blog. That might not appeal to everybody, but considering how well Back Roads sold, I certainly can’t do any worse with this.

The problem with what I wrote yesterday is, it ended in a sex scene. I did mention the other day that I’m trying not to make the current batch of books pornographic. I meant it. But the story is quickly turning into a classic Richard Burley story, complete with raunchy sex and consequences. The other problem is, I’m not quite sure where the story is going now. It doesn’t quite have a twist in its tail yet. It seems to need one, though, so I’m going to have to finish it an hope one comes along.

There’s another story in the same book that involves a woman in a psychiatrist’s office on what turns out to be the last day on Earth. It’s called ‘The Girl With A Thorn In Her Heart’. It also has a few sex scenes in it. I’m not sure what the preoccupation with sex has been, lately, but I know it will probably keep the book from selling well, simply because it has sex, but isn’t really erotica, either. Neither Fish nor Fowl, you see.

I have one slim volume of erotica, called HOT NIGHTS IN LIMBO, planned, but I don’t plan on making it a professional preoccupation. It’s just a collection of odds and sods, chapters that got steamier than planned, short stories that got away from me, that sort of thing. If I keep this up, certain of these short stories will wind up in that volume instead.

I think that’s it for me today. just going to try to get a few lingering problems solved and then do some writing, unless the big cheque arrives today, in which case, there may also be a bit of food shopping.

Thank you for reading. Don’t be afraid to go browse My Book Shelf for further reading material. And if you enjoy what you’ve read, maybe consider buying a copy. They don’t bite.



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