Let The Children Use It Let The Children Lose It Let All The Children Boogie

Good Morning. it’s likely to be a long day for Dawn and I. We’re going to be setting up our art (again) this weekend, this time at the Collaboration Station at 294 James Street North, just before Barton as you head north on the right side. I’d love to see some of you come out to visit us. I’d also love to sell some art, but incidentally, what I’d love even more is to pick up some of the conversations from Friday night, and maybe spark off a few new ones.

Meanwhile, I’m debating whether to make notes on the dream that work me up this morning, or more to the point, the dream that ended sadly just before I realized it was time to get up and feed the cats. It started as a kind of party atmosphere between a few local dissident acquaintances, and then evolved rather suddenly into a sequence that might have come straight out of one of my slightly horror-inflected fantasy novels, with a girl I’m traveling with taking a slightly eldritch-looking arrow in the back by her magically-corrupted ex-boyfriend, as we tried to escape the rest of the party, who had all gone down into the pits to dawn armour and weapons for the hunt that the girl and I had quietly refused and escaped. Interesting dream, if flimsy on plot.

So now I’m sitting here naked, in the dim light of the slowly blooming sunrise, listening to classic David Bowie (I guess it’s all classic now) in the headphones and wondering if there’s anything else I can do to keep myself amused before we head out to sell art today. I’m also thinking about The Constant Sea of Night, for which I started mind mapping the plot structure of yesterday, because it’s been resisting me a bit. This is how I sorted out Terminal Monday and a few other projects back when I was still wrestling with my meds, so it seems as good a time as any to try it again.

I’m still mulling over doing a few more of those stipple drawings, like the old one I finished up last week. I’m considering the details and the composition, but the basic themes are autobiographical, in the way the original one was intended to be (but let’s be honest, wasn’t even close to being, because I was a teeneager and had hardly done anything worth recording yet). I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the results of stipple drawing, which I had a real flare for back in the late 80s when I first started dabbling in it. And it might actually make me some money eventually, which isn’t an idea I’m averse to.

And I spoke directly to Rodney about getting beers and discussing the Link Board Game, which he DIDN’T agree to work on, but didn’t refuse, either. We’ll see. I could probably handle it all myself, but Rodney has a way of putting a fire under my ass to get things done, which wouldn’t be entirely unwelcome right now, either. Plus, we really need to playtest this stuff, and I need help with that.

Five things. We’re there. Have a good day.


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