Let’s Sway While Colour Lights Up Your Face

I’m waiting to hear when the last four panels of the Bryce Huffman Mural go into place at Carter Park in Stinson.
Original Concept Art:
Current State of Mural Hanging:
I’m going to try to get the final composite shot done from the park with my trusty panorama shot setting later today.

In other news… well, to be honest, I have no new news. I’m tired, I haven’t done a lick of creative work in the last 24 hours, haven’t sold a painting this month, and I would like some breakfast cereal, but forgot to pick some up. I also need to get more coffee for my wife. I really need to make a sale. And pay the rent. Pretty much in that order.

Thinking I need to stop interneting and go find food.

Thank you for reading.


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