Life, Actually

There’s a remarkable thing about the passage of time as you get old: it seems like everything is going faster and faster, but really, when you take it in perspective, it’s actually going incredibly slow, but your attention to life’s little details is both more refined and yet lazy. When you were a kid, you absorbed random information like a sponge. Your brain still largely works the same way as you get older, but your frame of reference filters out most of what you receive. You probably sort it all out in your dreams. Not sure about that yet, but it seems to be the case. Science is a process, not a religion.

Hi there. Remember me? I’ve been away for a few weeks. Money has been tight. My uber-capable wife maintains the server for our webpages. She needs money to achieve this miraculous feat. When she finally loses patience with me and leaves for the gardener, I’ll have to pay for my own web server again. Maybe by then there will be more than seven or eight of you to talk to. We’ll see.

Okay, so, what have I been doing, besides smoking a lot of cannabis for my back and brainmeats? I’ve been working on some illustration projects, most of which are not really presentable, but since we’re probably at the put up or shut up stage in the relationship, I’ll show you mine if you promise to show me yours.

First, I planned out my ideas for a series of painting collaborations between my wife and I, in the form of thumbnails for a graphic novel in gallery form. The paintings are all 30″ x 40″, so it will take some time and space to showcase them properly. We previewed the first two piece back in 2015. We’ve been working on a few more, one of which is just about done and one of which is sort of fighting me, internally. It needs to be more yonic and ethereal, and right now, it just looks like a golden shower. I’m hoping to goad myself into a solution for that mess in the next six weeks. Anyway, here’s the plan, Stan:

Second, I’m also working on illustrations for an old school friend who has written his first children’s book, and needs a little help getting it together. He’s helping me figure out how to build a walk-in splatter box, so it all balances out somehow. I have a number of tentative drawings for that, but the only ones I like are these:

Third, I also painted a series of four small abstracts, which I plan to make a few more of in the not too distant future. These ones sold almost immediately:

I’m also toying with returning to work on Kismet…

…Link Worlds…

…and of course, my sprawling sci-fi epic, The CONSTANT SEA of NIGHT:

The thing is, I’m actually working on a number of other paintings, and I have a book of album reviews I’m going to finish up and put out this summer, if I can just find time to finish the last few reviews, which have never been seen on this website before, and probably won’t be seen on this site afterwards, either.

Aaaaaaannnnnnd… I’m gonna try to get back to work on the Limbo Tarot series:

As some of you know, I always have a lot of ideas percolating, but what actually gets completed is more complicated than just saying I’ll work on a thing. So we’ll see where we are in a few months’ time. Meanwhile, it’s time to get some work done. Have a good day.


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