Life, The Universe and All The Things

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now forty-two (42) years of age. I AM the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. In fact, a funny thing happened yesterday. My friends on Facebook were all wishing me a happy birthday in individual posts, and at one point very near the end of the day, I had 42 messages. Then Drew showed up and that was that. Still, it was cool while it lasted.

Today I am in book selling mode.

Here are the PRINT books

Here are the eBOOKS at Amazon

Here they are at the KOBO STORE

Here they are at the NOOK STORE

Here they are at the SONY STORE

Here they are at the APPLE STORE

And there you have it. I’m tired of shilling. Time to go have a snack and read or play a game or something. DFTBA.


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