Like It Or Not, Like What You’ve Got, You’re Under The Soil


Listening to a remastered mix of Genesis’ Prog Rock classic ‘Supper’s Ready’, thinking about the pervasiveness of gun violence in our society, and thinking I’m growing tired of activism (or maybe it’s just activists I’m tired of; not sure. I definitely like some, but others are starting to get on my nerves).

It seems I’m turning some sort of corner, where once again, I’m asking the question, “What am I good for?” The answer isn’t as elegant or obvious as I’d like it to be.

I have three books on the go now, though only two are really necessary. The third is bonus material.

I have three paintings in various stages of development, but I’m feeling distinctly stuck on the trickiest, and the other two are languishing waiting for me to get back tot hem. I may also return to another painting I’ve been trying to get right for almost twenty five years.

I want to draw comics again. I’m thinking vaguely about picking up one of the three or four partially started graphic novels I have been toying with over the years, and getting at least one of them finished, so I can say I actually did make a real comic book at least once in my life.

I also want to finish that game I started working on. It’s a good game concept, even if it’s stumping me a tiny bit.I know it’s too ambitious, but the elegant middle ground hasn’t presented itself yet. It’s coming, though. I can feel it.

I’m supposed to be working on the latest issue of The Anvil. Content is lagging as usual. I have a notion about writing another article, and maybe drawing some cartoon strips for this issue.

Been thinking I might design and submit some cover illustrations for the StinZine. Getting tired of seeing those static black and white photographs, even though I’m no longer on the team. It’s not easy watching that thing stop being a collector’s piece and become a mere newsletter instead. Saddens me. Two years of work making something unique and special, gone up in a puff of anticlimactic smoke.

I have a close friend who plays with guns. It’s a passion of his. I don’t want to deal with it, but he’s starting to post pro-gun lobby arguments. It’s going to be a problem for me, because they are of course lies and half lies designed to make anti-gun legislation look ridiculous. I don’t want to have this fight, but it seems to be inevitable.

Jim Steranko was way ahead of his time. I don’t really identify with too many writer/artists in classic 60s/70s comics. Jim Steranko. Neal Adams. Gil Kane. Will Eisner. Wally Wood. I’m not a big Jack Kirby fan, though I respect his output immensely. Same thing with Steve Ditko, though his comic concepts for Spider-Man and especially Doctor Strange were revolutionary in their own right. All that said, I want to do something as mind bending as that, but following my own muses. Maybe borrow a little from their vocab, but not wholesale homage. And besides, John Cassaday did all that better in Planetary, anyway.

Dawn just woke up. Time to make the coffee. We have to go to at least one meeting about the Stinson Creative Lab this morning. We have money that needs to be allocated to some future event planning, and it’s in my name. We need to register a business and start an account with the money. SCL is becoming a real thing, it seems. Not sure what the future holds.

Time to go. Thanks for reading. I know what I like… and I like what I know… getting better in your wardrobe… stepping one beyond your show.


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