Limbo Hits the Wall (and Bounces Back Slowly)

Okay, so I’ve been a little off kilter these past few days, so I want to thank all of those people who stopped by and read older articles while I was under radio silence. It’s gratifying to know that there are enough articles and blogs and such here that people can keep themselves amused for days without supervision or curation or whatever you want to call this… the guided tour, I suppose.

I should tell you folks that I’ve been busy doing a lot of graphic design recently. Volunteer work for the local community association, so no money, sadly. I could really use a few bucks right now, actually. *sigh* But I figure it might be alright if I show off the stuff I put together for the picnic, since most of you won’t be able to attend (particularly you folks over in Europe and Asia… how in the world did you find me!?):


So there they are. Not what I consider to be my finest work ever, but I was working under a lot of constraints, and had to make a lot of changes to suit. Still, they look pretty good for what they are, which is basically free information boards. The City will be picking up the printing costs, thankfully. I should mention that all of the boards have the web address on them. The first four screen captures were done before I inserted it, but it’s visible in the last two.

So, what’s next? I have plans to do a handful of paintings over the next few days, when I’m not cleaning or shopping for groceries on what little we have to get us through the month. If you fine folks have been waiting for a special occasion to buy my books, you wouldn’t go amiss making a few well-placed purchases by visiting the  My Books page and picking out something, maybe fore the Dad, since it’s Father’s Day and all that next weekend.

Time to put on pants and get some work done. Thanks for reading.


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