Limbo Tarot – The Fool – supplemental update – 2016 05 02

Soooo… went and bought a new 24″x36″ board yesterday, so I can restart the Fool from scratch. Perhaps ‘scratch’ is the wrong word to use, as ‘scrape’ comes springing to mind, actually. I murdered a handful of blades, including the only deburring blade I had, of which I couldn’t find a replacement for, which is too bad, as that was the only blade that was really doing the job, more or less. If you don’t mind a series of light gouges in the wooden face, that is. Since I plan on getting top dollar for this painting when it’s done, and since the gouges are just deep enough to show up under certain lighting conditions, I didn’t want to risk losing sales or lowering the price more than I’m currently prepared to (depending on whether I can master this painting technique and style).

So… blank slate. Well, almost. I’ve started drawing the frame, which I hope to have finished today. I might even start cutting out the mask for it tonight, before dinner, if I’m lucky and productive, which so far I’m not feeling, particularly.

Hopefully, this will be the last major setback. It cost me a month’s work, really. Very frustrating.

The old board will probably be turned into something abstract and impasto, so the roughened surface won’t make a difference.

Other paintings on the way, as well. I started a small colour study for ‘ÆGYPT’, and I also have plans for a larger variation on ‘Oblique Strategies’. Art is happening.

But slowly.

Thank you for reading.


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