Link World Game Supplement: The Logos

Okay, this might not interest everybody, but I spent a fistful of hours at my computer devising logos for the expansions to the game, which ought to have their own separate packaging, because that’s how it’s done in board games, as far as I can tell. I actually want to just package the expansions in a couple of smaller boxes like Apples To Apples and Cards Against Humanity do, but it may be necessary to make mini packs for future expansions, which I see as a necessity not because I want to milk the cow, but because I can’t possible include more than 8×88 tiles in one game that also has to have a comprehensive manual, a handful of small decks of cards, some funky gaming dice (probably akin to Fudge dice, to keep it simple, but we’ll see; I really love classic RPG dice, and in particular, percentile dice. It’s just that modern gaming seems to require as much simplification as possible to appeal broadly, and there’s no point in doing this if half of my board-gaming friends are just going to say it’s too complicated to play and enjoy; a game with time, space and alternate reality travel is going to be uber-complicated no matter what you do, so simplification of the gameplay tools is a must) and probably playing tokens and such. My copy of Arkham Horror is a really densely packed monster of a game, and I’m holding that as the standard bearer for maximum gaming paraphernalia. If my packaging gets heavier than AH, I figure I’ve failed, so I’m going to have to plan expansions before I even start designing the tiles, just so I know roughly how many I need.

Carcassonne’s base game has 72 medieval setting tiles plus 12 River tiles. I figure that means the standard for my opening game should be 84… so I’m going to more than double that for each season, because the total of each genre will only be 16 tiles. Then I’ll go back and design optional expansion tiles for each genre and distribute them in season sets and deck packs.

All of which means, packaging, which to this little graphic artist means logos, and lots of them.

So here are the preliminary logos I devised. Most of them utilize fonts I didn’t design, which doesn’t sit well with me, but necessity is what it is. I’ll probably devise more original typefaces as I get closer to release time, but these should at least evoke some of the qualities of the genres I’m toying with. A few of them may seem like variations on the same theme, but it’ll make sense when the back stories are revealed.

Okay, enough chatter; here are the logos. Let me know which ones you like, and which ones you think should be different:

LWBG Logos 001c-01


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