So I’ve finished the third issue of The Anvil. *pats self on back*

I can’t seem to decide what to work on now that I’m taking a break from the paper.

I have a novel that is nowhere near finished. only half started, really.

I have a few different ideas for a record I want to make, but can’t find the time or energy yet to pick up a few instruments and start working out the songs I’ve already stockpiled.

I have at least two paintings to work on at present, including the Limbo Tarot thing, and perhaps yet another, if I go ahead with an idea to repaint the HMAS Argolias in acrylic on the abandoned board.

I have vague plans for an RPG campaign I promised a few people, involving mummies and death cults in Dresden Files: Hamilton.

I have plans for a comic about my cats. I also have comic ideas going back two decades that are still on the backburner. And of course, I’m thinking about starting a print comic book for The Sunday Afternoon Matinée, after all this time.

And of course, I have the Link Worlds Board Game, which I’ve been looking at again. I’m really keen to make it cool like some of the games I’ve been playing lately, but different enough not to be seen as a hamfisted copy job. Link is a cooler concept that just about anything I’ve seen, but gameplay mechanics are an issue I’m still hashing out. I really do wish I had a few people to help me, but no one seems to be interested. I guess I understand that. I have a horrible track record for starting projects and, if I meet with difficulty, setting them aside for months or even years while I wait to get interested in them again. Witness: Limbo Tarot, The Sunday Afternoon Matinée, and The Constant Sea of Night, to name just a few.

So… anyone wanna help me build a cool new ‘European-style’ board game involving genre hopping and space building?


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