Listen, Because This Won’t Be Repeated

I’m pretty busy right now. Not too busy for you folks, but busy nonetheless.

I wrote the Bond article to purge some bad juju from the Rita’s Lounge argument. It’s gotten nearly two hundred hits in just over a week. That was nice.

I wrote the Democracy article because PB needs to go into the shop. It got a few hits, which was nice, but not optimal.

I’m sitting on unfinished album reviews for Anthony Phillips, Yes and Big Wreck, amongst several others. Maybe Paul McCartney? Or maybe I’ll wait for the Pink Floyd album. Anyone interested?

I’m trying to get back to novel writing. It’s been a very busy year.

I’m also trying to get back to work on the STEEP INCLINATIONS album or set or whatever it’s going to be. Personally, I just want to get it over with, but the ulnar nerve entrapment in my left arm is making that nearly impossible. I can’t feel my fingers on the strings, so I can’t fret properly. Tommy Iommi and my buddy Mark Dziuba may have solved their fretting problems their way, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

I have comics to draw for the StinZine, for The People’s Platform, and for a contest I’m considering entering. I’m also going to try to finish the bird’s eye view map of Stinson, preferably soon.

I’ve started yet another new blog, about PB. More on that later.

I witnessed an incident at a meeting not too long ago, where several people have since come out accusing someone I call friend of being violent toward someone whom I’ve lost all respect for. The lies have been continuous, and I’m starting to fear that, if it isn’t silenced, an innocent person’s career will be in jeopardy. The dire irresponsibility of these people sickens me. I didn’t know people could be like this to one another over a stupid park. Even a tiny amount of power can corrupt, it seems. The stuff should be banned by Geneva Convention.

I have more little canvas boards to paint, probably today or tomorrow. I also have to finish the latest series I created, because I added an element to them to draw them together. I may do a bit more of that, or just smooth out the bits I’ve already done. Photos soonish.

There’s probably more, but I have to stop now. Talk to you again soon.


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