Loadin’ Loadin’ Loadin’… Keep Them WAV Files Rollin’…

Okay, so no post today. I’ve been busy finalizing the Etcetera Thesis album, The Whole Other Half. I’ve probably screwed up something somewhere, as I’m tired and working too fast, but there it is. I’m uploading the files now. Slowly. Could be a while.

The links to the album, when it’s uploaded, will be HERE.

I’ve started a new Twitter account for the band, such as it is.

I’ve been polishing up remixes from Bisecting a Circumference as well, which I plan to re-release in NON-demo form shortly. Maybe even tomorrow if I get things together fast enough. We’ll see.

I’m going back to dri… oops, no, that’s a Walker tune. I’m going back to writing The Back Roads of Limbo, which has been dragging interminably, even though I’ve been working on it pretty regularly. More steam, dammit!

And so far, I have not gotten the gig for the mural project. Twelve applicants submitted art, but most of them also complained that $5K is not enough for a wall that size. So the jury decided to get more money first.

And that’s the news. SuperCrawl 2012 this weekend. ArtCrawl and Ghost Walk tonight. Come on out. Dawn’s feeling optimistic.


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