Lucky (aka Panther) Update:

Lucky is in the Beattie Animal Hospital for a few days. Some very nice and helpful ladies (who really need to update their server network) are looking after his formerly-blocked bladder and any problems that may have engendered.

The price tag? So far, $1540.00 dollars, fortunately being paid in two installments of $770.00, because we are on ODSP. I actually have to go back today and produce proof of my ODSP status. Good times. I also have to come up with the other $770 in a few days. That’s actually all of the arrears money we received for Dawn’s recent admittance to the ODSP program (minus one Chinese food dinner I bought for Dawn to commemorate us both selling a few pieces of art last week).

The irony is, I really feel like things are changing for us, but with this very serious and considerably expensive turn of events, the first bit of good news we’ve had in a long, long time has been stolen out from under us. Dawn is inconsolate.

Make no mistake: we love our cats. They are very much our children. Spending this money is not a hardship. I’m only glad it came when it did.

But it IS a sort of cruel joke that tentative plans we were making to get ourselves a little further ahead (e.g.: smart phones from which to run our art businesses more effectively) have been scuttled. My promise to take Dawn clothing shopping for the first time in ages has had to be postponed until I get paid for graphic design work I’ve been doing for friends at a preferred customer rate.

It’s a bit exhausting, living so close to the bottom rung, hanging on by a finger to keep from dropping into the void. So this turn of events, though manageable, does not make my household happy.

Thank you for listening to me whine. Have a good day.


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