Mannequin Full Swing

Okay, so I’ve been planning a lot of stuff, and I haven’t even really completed all of the tasks I set for myself this year.

I promised myself I’d add about seven or eight new titles to my book store on Amazon and Smashwords, and instead, all I’ve done is added one new book to Amazon exclusively, and put a few of my books up for print.

I also put out two albums (about 38 tracks in total, and I’m still not done rerecording and putting out all of the old stuff I still like), though one was merely a nicely remastered version of last year’s album release.

I’ve sold a little bit of art, and I’ve made plans to do a lot more illustration and painting in the coming year.

I have plans to record two double albums of old Etcetera Thesis material in the new year, and, if I can help it, one of them will be with a proper, fully functioning band. We may even fulfil one of my bucket list wishes: to play live in front of an ETC/Thesis audience… if I can find one.

If I can just get deep enough into the art groove, I’m hoping to finally get my comic strip started and up and running online. I don’t imagine it will make me famous, but I’ve always wanted to do a cartoon strip, and I’m not getting any younger.

And I intend on getting back to work on at least a few of the titles I swore I’d have done by now. Maybe not as many as I thought last year, but at least one or two.

I may have to trim back on my other activities to fit all of this in, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m not setting many hard dates for myself this time, since I don’t seem to enjoy meeting arbitrary deadlines that much. I set them up and then I get all anxious and make mistakes and generally let things slip by that I normally wouldn’t have. This year, I think I’ll try harder to get things right before I put them out. I trust I’m capable of producing the work now, which was something I needed to prove to myself first, I guess. That done, I can focus on polishing things before I release them.

Pursuant to that, don’t expect any freebies from me in the new year. People I know have been grumbling about my self-promotion tactics, but I don’t see them offering to pimp me out to keep me from doing it all myself, so fuck ’em. In the new year, I’ll self-promote less, but I’ll make damned sure I get paid for any new work I put out. No more letting my self esteem get in the way of my (relative) success. No more letting people disappoint me. If it’s all down to me, then I’m going to keep my head straight and stop panicking with (almost) no one I know shows any interest.

NOTE: To that small group of individuals who have supported my efforts this past year, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I trust you know who you are.

Okay, it’s getting dark in here. Time to turn on a light, turn on some music, and get back to work.


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