Merchandising, Merchandising!

So I’m digging through my portfolio of old and unfinished art, looking for ideas to turn into teeshirts and coffee mugs to get some much-need moolah in the house, and I come across a folder of stuff I collected a handful of years ago when I was trying to devise a series of tee shirts using classic arcade video game icons with funny, adult humour. I liked teh concept, but I could only think up one or two gags that really worked for me; stuff like Ms. Pac-Man swimming around in a womb-shaped maze running from ghosts that looked distinctly like cartoon sperm. I might still do that one, actually. But for the most part, I just couldn’t get enough good ideas together, and nobody else was offering any suggestions.

Today, however, a new concept hit me: arcade video game heroes dropped into modern video games. I’ve already got a handful of ideas, and I’m skimming over the Classic Games Arcade archive for other ideas. I’m gonna keep them to myself a little bit longer, but I’ll be sure to show a few of the shirt ideas to you when I get some graphics prepared.

ETA: First Tee-Shirt design here.

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