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Hi, I’m Lee McIlmoyle. I write books. Here are the ones I’ve published in eBook format so far:

Terminal Monday: Under Observation

Terminal Monday: Under Observation

The nearly 40K novella excerpt from my full length novel, Terminal Monday.

LinkTales volume One: Unfinished Novels and Unplayable Games
LinkTales Volume One

Ashes: Infinite Redress, an Oracle Story
Ashes: Infinite Redress

The Bride of War, a Tale of Euroboros
The Bride of War

Terminal Monday, a Dream of New York City
Terminal Monday, a Dream of NYC (complete)

I can also be followed in these places:

Red Bubble
PLUS, I’ve started writing movie reviews at

I write several blogs, based on what the topic or project is. Here are a few of them:

My wife also maintains a blog, where she does great book reviews and occasionally posts cooking recipes and photographs.

And that’s more or less it for now. More to come, as always.

NOTE: All graphic design seen on this page was designed by CLEARvision Studios… which is me, really. *shrug* Let’s hear it for polymaths!


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