Minor Quibble

I once did this logo for a company I was determined to do one of my best logos for. I adored it. Still do. But there were a few things I changed because some of my co-workers didn’t ‘get’ them. Maybe I’m just being willful, but it’s been a year and a half later, and they still haven’t made the sign or website for which I designed the logo that they accepted… which wasn’t even the logo I had slaved over.

Ao today, while wrestling to fix Illustrator again, I decided to put back a couple of elements I had really quite liked from the original. However, there was one feature I felt a little weird about; the small ‘tee’. See, one of the helpful bits of advice came from someone I regarded with some respect. So when she suggested the tee needed to be modified to be more legible, I kind of saw what she meant. Problem is, now I’m not so sure I should have given in so easily.

So I appeal to you, my silent audience. Which small tee should I use when i finally make this into a proper font?


I’ll show you what they each look like in context witht he original logo in a bit. Time to go to the doctor’s office.


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