Minor Update

Well, Gary was over to do some work yesterday, but sadly, I was feeling crummy and was too disorganised to put him to proper use. Add to that the fact that our neighbour’s apartment floor was being replaced over the past few days, and what you get is a situation not ideally suited to recording  new music, even if you largely record straight to board.

So, in essence, very little got done. We jammed a little, Gary recorded a new idea off the top of his head, and we played over The Dream Falls, I Want Someone Close To Me, and The Dark Age together. If we’re going to bring in a drummer to play these parts at some stage, we need to get our own performances sorted out first, so it’s good that we can just jam together to the drum machine. However, it does mean that I’m going to have to reprogram a number of these drum parts to be more dynamic, in order to get better performances out of us.

Still, despite the fact that a lot of the stuff we’ve recorded so far has to be rerecorded, we’re making real progress for the first time in years. It actually feels like we’ll get something done in the next few months, which would be a very nice bit of validation after all of this time.

Okay, talking about music is never as much fun as listening to music, but I have no new music to play for you, so I’m going to shut up. I hope to be back in the next few days to share another demo recording with you, whoever you are.


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