More Chicken Art (CvS Art Sale; supplemental)

ZFC demo1 sml

ZFC demo2&3 sml

ZFC demo4 sml

ZFC final sml

And there they are, for anyone interseted in what I consider to be one of my very best commercial cartoon mascots ever. I even included my initial hand-drawn rendition of the logo, based on the font they’d strumbled across at the printers when they had the original mock-up label made (without my help, IIRC).

I was going to place silhouetted animals running across the top of the logo, depending on the flavour. I had a mock-up of my own around here somewhere. If I find it, I’ll add it to the bottom of this post, just for laughs.

$200.00 CAD and it’s all yours. I’ll pack it up as safely as I know how and ship it to you as soon as I receive payment, which I guess will be by PayPal. Drop me an email if you’re interested, and we’ll discuss terms. Payment plans are not out of the question, particularly if I know you somehow. It pays to be Friends of Limbo.

It also pays to own original copies of things, I am starting to learn, though it’s never done me any good. Yet.


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