More Developments

Yesterday was kind of an off day, so other than a bit of sketching and installing some extensions (that don’t seem to work), no real work got done on the website. Today, I opened up Illustrator again and started hammering together another idea:


I’m still planning on doing the separate pages with the separate colours, but I preferred my original button idea. I just needed to figure a new way to make it work. So I’ll make them virtually invisible except on rollover. That way, the images can take up the lionshare of the screen real estate, and I don’t have to have itty bitty little buttons that are hard to see at 100%. Plus, it leaves room for more buttons if I decide to add categories int he future. I already know of a couple I should consider, just based on what’s already on the site, including a dedicated web design section.

The nice thing about this nav is, if I figure it out, I can implement dropdown menus for the separate sub-folders of the individual gallery sections, and I won’t have to worry about moving or resizing my nav bar graphics. And if I can’t figure that out, I may just bring back the other nav bar, and change the buttons to feature the sub-headings instead. Fewer of those, and I can make the buttons larger, because I made myself a fair chunk of space for it. Maybe I’ll go knock that idea together next. But first, I must make dinner.

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